Red Door Sessions is a live-music series spotlighting newer bands and artists in a venue that's as intimate as it is unlikely (KGB Red Room, east 4th, nyc). Every Red Door Sessions show is a benefit. Every benefit supports the resistance. Got a righteous cause? Tell us about it! Does your band not suck? Tell us about that, too. 

Lineups unapologetically reflect the taste of musician/series producer, @reddoorsessions, a fan of sonic idiosyncrasy, independent artists and the occasional split infinitive (but never the Oxford comma).  

All Red Door Sessions shows are archived on this site when we get around to it. Check the “Artists” page for exclusive performances and info on bands & artists.

Wanna fight Fake News? Or maybe just sharpen your wheat pasting skills? This toolkit, courtesy of P.T.M., covers many bases and can get you started doing something right now!