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breanna Barbara


Anya Marina


It may say “Minnesota” on Breanna Barbara’s birth certificate, but this singer-songwriter is undeniably the product of steamy Southern summers, the kind where the air’s so sultry that there’s nothing to do but crank up the amps and drown your sorrows in a pool of sweat. After making a name for herself playing house shows in St. Augustine, Florida, Barbara relocated to New York City and caught a lethal dose of cool from one too many wild nights at one too many loft parties. Like her first album, Mirage Dreams, Barbara’s live show blends influences from every place she’s ever called home. Southern blues and psychedelia tend to rise to the top, but garage is never far away. Nor is her penchant for fucking shit up when the occasion suits her. “It wasn’t until I met dream producer Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes) that these songs were able to come alive in the way I had imagined them,” she says. Inspired by everything from howling at the moon to heat strokes in New York City summers to the paradigm shift after a loved one passes away, Barbara’s performances are a culmination of her heart and soul and a whole lotta sweat. (excerpted from consequencesofsound.net)

Best known for "Satellite Heart" from the platinum selling soundtrack to Twilight, New Moon, and her provocative cover of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like," Anya Marina mixes “Liz Phair sex appeal with a dash of Carl Jung." (Rolling Stone) By turns wise and witty, her songs offer rapier-sharp insight into human relationships as well as begrudging nods to uncertainty. She’ll be the first to tell you, “we know nothing,” and then throw in some casual observation that so totally nails it! Marina released her fourth LP, Paper Plane, last year on her own Good Rope Records (through Tone Tree). Recorded in Portland, Oregon, and Brooklyn, Paper Plane was produced with help from Dave Depper (Death Cab for Cutie), Eric Hutchinson, Leo Sidran and Gary Philips. Deeply felt yet approachable, it marked Marina’s first independent release since her 2005 debut, Miss Halfway. Anya’s finishing her next album, which drops later in May and she’ll be touring behind it. Catch her before she hits the road.I




The daughter of a casino boss, PONY grew up on the road and in the company of assorted happy degenerates. By the time her family reached Las Vegas she was in her teens and familiar with the characters that inhabit the world of action. Bullshit high-rollers and hot lady cheats. Scores of addicts chasing their elusive nut-- all were fodder for early digs into art and music. But it was the winners—the consistent ones that bet huge and gave her father fits—who captured her imagination. Winners risk big for ideas they think are true. Their gift, she believed, is knowing when to stop thinking and give it up to instinct.

A decade later PONY was living on a houseboat moored off Hoboken. Burnt out on the modeling scene and tired of taking orders from handsy "professionals," she started toying with the melodies she grew up on: her father’s Beatles, The Cookies, Bill Withers and Mina. The writing lead to gigs and the gigs to more writing, and the voice that had sometimes failed her in plain conversation started gaining strength. When PONY’s first album debuts later this year it’ll serve as proof that trusting your instincts is a risk worth taking.